10 Amazon Remote Jobs Opportunities

Amazon is one of the most desirable companies to work for, and it offers plenty of job opportunities in all sectors. Here’s some of the Amazon Remote Jobs

You can find part-time or full-time positions at Amazon, as well as seasonal gigs during Christmas time. 

Ten jobs Amazon offers:

The type of opportunity you should pursue will depend on your personal preferences and skillset – so be sure to read through the entire post before deciding which one best suits you!

1) Customer Service Representative

One of the Amazon Remote Jobs that is easy to do if you enjoy talking to people and have excellent phone talking manners, then this could be an ideal position for you! 

It may sound like a rather mundane role, but it is crucial for the smooth running of any business. 


Amazon wants to make sure that its customer service representatives know the deals with all types of complicated requests and queries, so you’ll need to be very organized and good at multi-tasking.

2) Advertising Operations Manager

Another Amazon Remote Jobs by Amazon, Amazon runs several different advertising campaigns which require highly skilled individuals to oversee. 

This role will see you working closely with advertising and marketing teams to ensure that the campaigns achieve their full potential.

3) Sourcing Specialist

Amazon is always on the lookout for new and innovative products to sell, so this job opportunity will see you scouring the globe looking for new merchandise that can be sold through amazon.com.

You’ll need to be able to source items at competitive prices, as well as negotiate bulk purchase agreements with suppliers. 

The ideal candidate for this job will have experience working in retail and sourcing merchandise from China.

4) IT Project Manager 

Amazon is constantly looking for talented software developers who can help them develop state-of-the-art technology for their business. 

As an IT Project Manager, you’ll analyze technical issues and ensure that Amazon continues to provide customers with the best online shopping experience possible. 

Previous work experience in project management is essential!

5) International Buyer

It is an excellent opportunity for those who have experience living abroad and love traveling. 

Amazon has warehouses worldwide, and as an international buyer, your job will be to purchase goods from suppliers to sell them on amazon.com. 

You’ll need to travel constantly – so you’ll need to enjoy exploring the world and meeting new people!

6) Project Manager

Amazon is rapidly growing, which means there are always plenty of projects on the go. 

As a project manager, your job would be to ensure that these projects are delivered on time and within budget – ensuring the continued success of Amazon!

10 Amazon Remote Jobs Opportunities

7) Programmer 

If you’re a skilled programmer who has experience with Java or PHP, then this could be the perfect position for you.


Amazon is currently looking for a talented individual to join their team as a Senior Programmer. You’ll be building multi-tiered solutions and will need to produce high-quality code within strict deadlines. 


It is an excellent opportunity for those with previous programming experience in software development!

8) Merchandising 

As an Amazon merchandising manager, your job would be to ensure that the products on amazon.com provide positive customer experiences that encourage them to make repeat purchases. 


Your role will involve analyzing existing product categories and improving the overall merchandising solution within each category.

9) Category Manager

Amazon runs a rapidly expanding online retail marketplace, which means there are new opportunities for Category Managers just about all of the time! 


As a Category Manager, your job would be to research and develop new product lines. 

The position is perfect for those with experience working in online retail, as you will need to have a thorough understanding of customer needs and how they compare to competitors.

10) Vendor Manager

Amazon’s Vendor Managers work closely with suppliers to make the best purchasing decisions on behalf of the company. 


With this job opportunity, you’ll be responsible for negotiating prices and working with logistics teams to ensure that products deliver on time. 

Previous work experience in sourcing and vendor management is essential!

One More Job Opportunity: Warehouse Management Specialist

This position is perfect for those who love a little bit of excitement in their careers! Amazon warehouses are large, and running them properly, requires a specific skill set. 

As a Warehouse Management Specialist, your job will be to analyze warehouse operations to identify areas of improvement for the entire system.

Looking for a job at amazon? download your resume and start applying!


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