10 Most Inspiring Graphic Designer Resumes

10 Most Inspiring Graphic Designer Resumes

One of the challenging job is creative one, when comes to creative jobs includes graphic design, web design, artists etc. A creative and graphic designer resume must be creative design and well structured to showcase their artworks or portfolio. In this article we are showcasing some of the best graphic design resume templates to download.

1) Stunning Red Colored Designer Resume – By Phoebe Nguyen

This designer resume got everything what required for a designer. The resume designer used stunning red color as main color to highlight the resume, beautiful icons and fonts makes this resume standout.



2) Graphic Designer Resume – By Poupaux Rudy

A beautifully visualized graphic designer resume by Poupaux Rudy nice use of fonts for name, logo and good colors makes this resume stunning.

Most Inspiring Graphic Designer Resumes2


3) Professional Graphic Designer Resume

A well researched and technically structured layout resume always gets the right job. Get high potential from this resume and hired by employers in right job. Click here to Download

Professional Graphic Designer Resume 1

4) Judith Park, Designer Resume 2019 – By Judith Park

Simple neat and clean resume to standout form crowd, designer used simple colors, lines and good typography to suit the graphic design industry.

Most Inspiring Graphic Designer Resumes3


5) Experienced Web Designer Resume

Resume always plays a critical role in job interviews and getting the right job, this designers resume does well in it. Download now and get started now! Click here to download

Experienced Web Designer Resume 1


6) Free Minimal Resume Template for 2019 – By Sha Ahamed Ohe

Download this free and high quality resume template for designers, resume got place for your photo and showcase your works, Click here to download

Most Inspiring Graphic Designer Resumes4


7) Clean Graphic Designer Resume Template – By Kate Jefferys

This resume template gives employer a good impression about yourself, download this simple light blue colored resume template and get started for new year!

10 Most Inspiring Graphic Designer Resumes


8) 2019 Graphic Design Resumé – Jack S

This colorful gradient resume template perfectly suits designers and creative people, designer used beautiful gradients, artworks, and backgrounds to suit the designer profession. Click here to download

10 Most Inspiring Graphic Designer Resumes


9) Simple Designer Resume Template

Get this resume and stand out in the form others, and get hired. This resume is designed by professional designers, with excellent use of colors and fonts. Click here to download

10 Most Inspiring Graphic Designer Resumes


10) Simple Black and White Resume Template

The minimalist resume template always impress everyone, and in black and white looks much more better, this designers used the typography to the best level, and structured the resume in great way to showcase designer.

10 Most Inspiring Graphic Designer Resumes

So, if you are looking for the 10 Most Inspiring Graphic Designer Resumes, here you can find some useful resources!

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