10 Great Walmart Jobs for Teens and Students

10 Great Walmart Jobs for Teens and Students

10 Walmart Jobs for Teens and Students

Check Walmart jobs and find the best for you. Walmart is an international retail company founded by Sam Walton in 1962 and headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas. It is one of the best-known employers in the United States. 

Here are the ten jobs Walmart offers to teenagers and college students, regardless of whether they have a college degree. 

These are simple positions that don’t require a high school diploma or GED but will still allow you to earn some money while also learning valuable skills in various departments.

Some of these jobs include cashier, cart pusher, stockers, unloading trucks, and more!

Walmart Jobs


You can start as a cashier if you’re interested in working for Walmart. The cashier provides quick and courteous service to help make the customer’s shopping experience more enjoyable. As a cashier, you will tell customers how much an item costs, bag it for you, and accept payment. 

Cart Pushers

Cart pushers are one step up from cashiers because instead of just checking out customers or taking their money, you help them load their items into the cart. 

If you’re a cashier who gets asked to load bags into somebody’s car, then congratulations, this job is for you! 

Sometimes customers may have more than one cart and need help with all of them. You can also help people with large items such as furniture and electronics.


Note: A cart pusher earns more because they are in charge of the carts. They have to watch and make sure people don’t take them out of the store and help load the carts. A cashier for Walmart only has to do the math, take your money, and give you a receipt.


If you don’t want to push a cart around or get dragged into cars, then try being a stocker at Walmart.

Sometimes you’ll have to pull items from the shelves for other employees or put things on the shelves that are taken off delivery trucks and brought back inside. You can also organize items in boxes to make it easier for people to find what they’re looking for.

Receiving Clerk

If you like taking boxes off of pallets, then try being a receiving clerk at Walmart. You’ll have access to the backside of the store or warehouse to unload items from trucks so that they can be put away on shelves for customers to pick up. And note that this is physically demanding work, but great for those that are just starting.

Assistant Manager

Responsible for assisting the store managers in making sure that the store operates as efficiently and profitably as possible. 

They also monitor the work of others, and they develop new ways to increase business.

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Sales associate

This position is responsible for providing customers with a convenient shopping experience by meeting their needs. They do this by processing sales transactions, stocking shelves, assisting customers in finding what they need, and monitoring activity throughout the store.

Product Demonstrator 

Helping people find what they are looking for is the responsibility of this position. Product demonstrators answer customers’ questions, tell them about products and direct them to other employees when necessary.

Restaurant Associate 

As a restaurant associate, you will greet guests at the door and seat them according to company standards. You may also help clear tables after meals and clean up spills.

Seasonal Associate

This position is ideal for teens and college students who can work part-time during the holiday season. They will perform regular retail associate tasks while also helping customers find merchandise and processing layaways.

People Greeter

People greeters (Walmart greeters) make people feel welcome and happy when they come to the store.

They stand at the front doors. Sometimes a greeter will hand out maps or ask if people need help with something in particular.

They greet the other associates as they come into work. When someone new comes to Walmart, the greeter introduces them to a store associate.

It is their job to make employees and customers know where everything is in Walmart and for them to be able to help customers find what they need quickly.

Alright, you have read the list of jobs for teens and students, and I hope you will choose the best you can. Here, I want to provide you with some info about the skills and abilities required for the above jobs. Ready? 

Skills Required for Walmart Jobs

10 Walmart Jobs for Teens and Students

  • Physical Fitness and Endurance

Most workers at Walmart need to be able to stand and walk all day long and lift items from the stockroom to the shelves, so this job has physical requirements that are important to consider before you apply.

  • Positive Attitude

Most workers at Walmart enjoy helping customers, but they also need to be friendly and have a positive attitude throughout their workday.

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  • Knowledge of Computers

If you want to work in the online store or electronics department, this means your schoolwork and experience with computers are very important. You’ll need to be able to handle computers well and know everything about online shopping.

  • Math Skills

If you work in the electronics department, you’ll need basic math skills, such as addition and subtraction.

  • Communication Skills

Customers may not speak English very well or at all, so you’ll need to be able to communicate with them.

  • The desire for Customer Service

If you like helping customers find things and meet their needs, then Walmart is the place for you! You can do this job if you want to work hard and help others at the same time.

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