10 Easy Warehouse Jobs for Teens and Students

10 Easy Warehouse Jobs for Teens and Students 

10 Easy Warehouse Jobs for Teens and Students

10 warehouse jobs for Teenagers and students that can be fulfilling as a job in a warehouse that would help them make money. Their work hours will be flexible, which is more convenient for students. They can also get a bonus if they make fast sales and maintain a professional image at their job site.

Many warehouse jobs are available to teenagers and full-time students today. And these entry-level positions can lead to long-term jobs in warehouse operations once workers reach the age of 18 or 21 years old. 

Order Picker 

Order packer packaging individual orders for shipment to customers. These pickers load incoming shipments onto carts and then stock them out. 

They also keep track of extra materials like paper product spools that are necessary to complete an order. They ensure each item has been checked thoroughly before packing it up at the end of their shift. 

At the warehouse, they earn about $18 per hour.   


Dispatchers coordinate with workers to get items packed, loaded onto trucks or into shipping containers. 

And they keep records of what’s coming in and going out.

A person with excellent people skills, along with good math skills, would do well in this job. It’s often fast-paced, but you’ll get plenty of breaks, so this can be a physically easy job overall. 

Warehouse pays a dispatcher $16 per hour. 

Order filler  

Order filler gathers items from various locations and matching them to the correct order. 

It is physically demanding at times, but you should get plenty of breaks between tasks, so it is an overall easy job considering the physical demands. 

They can make about $14 per hour. 

Warehouse Stocker

The stockers help protect items from becoming lost or dirty. Occasionally, you may have to lift heavy boxes if you work in a warehouse that deals most with food products, but it should not be too challenging physically. 

Warehouse stockers make $14-15 per hour.

Machine Operator 

Machine operator uses machines to package goods like filling holes in cans with dried food or screwing tops on jars. 

They may also load products into molds that form a container around the product.

One task could be applying labels to cans as they roll off the assembly line. Some of these positions involve climbing ladders to reach the machines, and others require standing all day at a conveyor belt or tabletop.

In the United States, warehouse machine operators earn $13.55 per hour. 

Mail Processing Clerk 


Mail processing clerk sorts mail into either the warehouse or specific rooms in a large office building. 


The job requires good physical endurance levels since some mail sacks may weigh up to 70 lbs, which carries over into lifting heavy boxes from time to time for this job. 

The pace is quite fast, so you’ll need to pay attention at all times.  It’s not a too difficult job, but your supervisors may push you a bit more if they feel that you can handle it.


Mail Processing Clerks earn $18 per hour. 

Material Handler (hand truck operators)

Material handlers load trucks, vans, or trains with packages using hand carts or forklifts. And may include moving containers around or taking inventory of them when they’ve arrived on pallets.

Material handlers earn $15 per hour.

Inventory Assistant 

Inventory assistants layout products on shelves so that the same type of item is grouped (for example, all canned coffee beans). 

This job involves working with different sizes of boxes and using an assortment of hand tools. 

It is also the most physically active position within a warehouse.

Inventory assistants make $14.71 per hour. 

Clerk (Receiving Clerk or Shipping Clerk) 

Types information about incoming shipments into a computer and prepares required documents such as shipping orders, delivery receipts, damage, inspection, and verification reports. And processes bills of lading, which are documents that show what was shipped, where it was going, and how much it weighed. 


They may also be responsible for entering information about the shipment onto a computer tracking system to assure inventory is recorded accurately.


These clerks often work with electronic equipment such as barcode scanners or computers. Or they may use old-fashioned paper forms to fill out data.


In the United States, a shipping and receiving clerk earns on average $15.39 per hour. 

General Laborer 

General labor at the warehouse uses hand and power tools to assemble products or package them for shipment. 

They may also help maintain equipment such as forklifts used in moving pallets of goods from one place to another.

General laborer earns on average $12 per hour.

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