17 Waste Management Jobs Will Surprise You

There are many options available for those looking to make a career change. One option is the waste management industry. This industry has been rapidly growing in the past few years, resulting in more job openings.

Waste Management Jobs

Let’s find out which industries are related to this occupation.

The waste management industry is best known for removing things like garbage and recycling from the environment. 

A typical day will consist of driving around in a truck, picking up garbage from various locations, and disposing of it either into landfills or recycling facilities.


This job can be risky if you don’t have the right equipment and clothing. You might find yourself climbing mountains of trash when trying to unload it from a truck or entering toxic environments full of deadly fumes.


In exchange for putting up with these conditions, you can find a few entry-level jobs that pay decent wages.


Are you concerned about your role in the environment? This career can help you understand the importance of recycling and protecting the planet! There are many different opportunities for environmental scientists in this field as well.

Here are the 17 jobs:

1. Waste Management Jobs: Garbage man 

It is the job that most people think of when they hear the word “waste management.” These are the people who collect garbage and take it to a landfill or dump.

2. Waste Management Jobs: Recycling collector  

In this job, workers collect recyclable items like paper, plastic, glass, and metal to use again.

3. Waste Management Jobs: Road sweeper 

This person will go out on a truck with brushes to sweep dirt and debris off of city streets and sidewalks to keep them safe for pedestrians or cars passing by.

4. Waste Management Jobs: Refuse collector 

The job of a refuse collector is to collect garbage from people’s homes and take it to wherever they choose to throw it away. They may also need to empty their truck at the end of each day to make room for more trash.

5. Waste Management Jobs: Landfill worker 

This person will go into a landfill and move garbage from the top to the bottom to make space for new trash.

6. Waste Management Jobs: Scrap metal collector  

This person will collect any scrap metal that has been thrown away, like old cars, pipes, or anything else made of metal. They then take it to be recycled to be used again rather than going into a landfill.

7. Waste Management Jobs: Recycling plant worker 

This person will sort out recyclable items at a recycling plant and then package them to be sold or exported to other countries for further processing.

8. Waste Management Jobs: Electronics waste management specialists 

Electronics waste management specialists go around and collect old computers, mobile phones, or anything else made of electronic material like microchips or circuit boards. They take these items and package them up to be sold overseas or recycled.

9. Waste Management Jobs: Computer recycling specialist 

It is the same job as an electronics waste management specialist, but they work specifically on computers instead of other electronic devices.

10. Waste Management Jobs: Hazardous waste manager 

This person will seek out and collect hazardous waste from companies that want to recycle it or use it again. They will then take the harmful waste out of their area and store it away safely before disposing of it properly.

11. Waste Management Jobs: Refinery operator 

Refinery operators will go into a facility where they process raw materials and turn them into usable products that they can sell. This job might involve working with chemicals or other hazardous substances, so it is essential to wear the appropriate protective equipment and take steps to protect yourself.

12. Pipeline operator 

This job involves operating the pipeline that transports raw materials or used products from one place to another. It is essential to make sure that this vessel is in good condition and stays safe while on the road.

13. Waste incinerator operator 

The job of a waste incinerator operator is to take in hazardous wastes, burn them and then release the smoke into the air. They must monitor their area for any dangerous chemicals or gases and take steps to ensure that any hazards won’t occur.

14. Pipeline safety inspector 

This person will inspect pipelines for damage or leaks to prevent them from releasing any hazardous waste into the environment.

15. Waste Management Jobs: Landfill worker 

This person will go into landfills to monitor them for any hazards and take steps to prevent illegal dumping or spills. To determine where the waste came from, they can also collect samples of the waste on-site.

16. Waste Management Jobs: Sanitation engineer 

This person will go out on a truck with water jets that they can use to clear away any trash or debris from public areas like parks or sidewalks.

17. Waste Management Jobs: Digester operator 

Digest Operators go into a plant and operate the digester programmed to turn solid waste or food scraps into organic material. They may need to monitor the levels of chemicals and gases within the area to make sure they stay within safety limits.

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