Best 15 part time jobs

Best 15 part time jobs

Here are best 15 part time jobs that can earn you more money. Part timing is a good idea for people who want additional income and for people busy with their own project and they cannot commit to a full time job.

This article will provide 15 of the best part-time jobs out there and give a brief explanation for each.

1) Tutor

Tutoring is one of the most flexible opportunities that you can find as a student. It allows a lot of time to schedule around your classes, which is nice if you work best in spurts.

Tutoring also usually involves tutors teaching students with similar needs, so it’s easy to find people who want to learn what you know.

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2) Nanny

Working as a nanny or “Au pair” has the potential for lots of different types of benefits and perks. You get the change to live in (in case of au-pair) a beautiful area or have a wonderful family with kids that are a lot of fun.

You’ll get to take care of someone else’s little one, which is always rewarding, even if you aren’t taking care of your kids at the moment!

3) Pet sitting

Pet sitting offers you the opportunity to be around animals in an exciting environment. While they may not require all-day attention, they are still fun to be around and take care of the pet. If you’re not a big fan of pets, then the job probably isn’t the best choice for you. But if you love animals, watching them while their owners are away is perfect!

4) Telemarketing

This job is also an excellent part-time job for college students. You can earn up to $7 per hour with this job, and you don’t have to work on Saturday or Sunday.

The most enjoyable thing about telemarketing is that you can make your schedule and spend more time with friends while making money at the same time.

Best 15 part time jobs

5) Paralegal

This type of job is an excellent opportunity for you if you like to talk on the phone a lot and keep up-to-date with legal proceedings. You could find yourself working in a lawyer’s office or for a large corporation doing endless research. But it also involves helping people with their cases, which can be very rewarding!

6) Dog Walker

Like pet sitting, dog walking is a great way to be around some of the most fun animals in the world. Plus, they don’t require as much attention as a full-blown pet-sitting situation.

While you may not get paid well if it’s just an occasional thing, you can easily find a place that offers more opportunities and better pay.

7) Kids Party Helper

Kids’ birthday parties are always a blast. Sometimes there are not enough parents around to organize all of the kids, and that’s when you can step in.

Helping out the other parents can be great for you as well; everyone who works at a kid’s party gets some free food or drink! What’s not to like?

9) Dance Teacher

If teaching your friends how to dance isn’t making enough money, you could easily find yourself heading into a classroom and getting paid for helping students learn. Whether you’re helping kids with their ballet or doing hip hop with teenagers, it’s a lot of fun and gives you the chance to get creative.

10) Swim Instructor

If you’re the kind of person who likes to get as much exercise as possible, you could put yourself in the swimming business. Whether you’re helping kids learn how to swim or doing a water aerobics class with older people, it’s a great way to keep fit and gain some healthy exercise.

11) Data entry Agent

One of the best part time jobs that you can do from home with only your computer. It is a job that doesn’t necessarily need you to have a college degree. And an easy way to make money and not commit yourself to a 9-5 job. Many companies hire students who are interested in data entry for part-time jobs. And they can work remotely from home provides students with more flexibility in their schedules.

There are different types of careers that you can look into for data entry. It’s a clerical job, but it also involves inputting information and data into the computer. You can choose from customer service representatives, paralegals, health care assistants, and insurance clerks. As a sign-on bonus, you may be able to get paid for your training.


12) Delivering Newspapers or Magazines

It is also a great part-time job for college students because you can make extra money doing something fun like riding your bike or skateboard, and then on the weekends, you have more free time to spend with friends. You can earn around $8 per hour with this job.

13) Housekeeping

People often search for this type of job. Students who have a few hours of spare time each week can help clean homes or apartments and earn money. Even though these jobs may not pay well, it’s an easy way to start making money while getting good references for future managers.

14) Working in Convenience Stores

It is another simple job that students will enjoy having after school. Students can work in stores such as 7-11 and get paid on an hourly basis. Although this job may not offer a lot, it’s a good job before or after school.

15) Salespeople

Salespeople have to be very social and outgoing people. They need to enjoy communicating with others in person or over the phone because they frequently ask people whether they want to purchase one of their products.

Sale is an excellent job for people who enjoy having conversations with others because it can be satisfying to help someone figure out the best product they need and want in their life. They will also have the opportunity to network with other salespeople and use them as references later in their careers.


We mentioned 15 best part time jobs, but there is always more opportunities for seekers. Check LinkedIn where so many job opportunities to work as a part timer, find the perfect one for you today!

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