Controller Job Description

Controller Job Description

Controller Job Description

Controller Job Description

Want to create a controller job application that attracts quality applicants? This job description will help you in that. 

Read and adjust the job description to match the duties and requirements of your position according to your ambition. 

A controller oversees accounting statements such as income reports, bills and receipts, and accounts payable and receivable.

As well, direct accountants, manage departmental operations, prepare financial reports by analyzing financial statements and develop strategies for financial reporting. 

Additionally, they oversee some positions in the company like finance managers, tax managers, accounts managers, HR managers, and other personnel. 


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Establishes financial procedures, policies, limitations, and reporting methods to achieve optimal returns on financial assets. 
  • Sets up, monitors, and applies procedures and policies that govern financial decisions. 
  • Develops, monitors, and implements internal controls to secure company assets.
  • Performs examinations and provides information to external organizations to analyze and confirm financial conditions.
  • Optimizes money flow and minimizes risk by reducing bank accounts balances and investing in the right place. 
  • Prepares budgets according to schedules and formulates business plans. 
  • Obtain, analyze, and summarize information about financial markets.
  • Plan and analyze expenditures, pinpoint irregularities, and take appropriate action to attain budget objectives.
  • Compile, analyze, and report financial information to determine the financial state of the organization. 
  • Conducts analysis and sums up information to prepare special reports.
  • Maintains conformity with national, provincial, and local legal regulations by evaluating current and new legislation.
  • Predict future developments, enforce the rules, report financial data, and give management specific recommendations.           
  • Provides preventative maintenance and service contracts, organizes inventory and researches new tools and techniques.
  • Develops schedules and assigns workers to complete operational tasks and monitors the results of the work. 
  • Recruits, chooses, trains, and directs the financial staff.
  • Plan, oversee, and evaluate the results of financial staff work. 
  • Assist, counsel, and discipline employees.
  • Keeps financial and operational information private.
  • Provide valuable financial pieces of advice to upper management.
  • Obtain and analyze business financial information by preparing business reports, budgets, and balance sheets and explaining them to the company management. 
  • Oversee the preparation of budgets and financial reports by employees working under the controller.
  • Identify possibilities and methods to minimize costs by monitoring financial reports.
  • Understand the better ways to maximize profits by staying informed about the financial market and economy.
  • Ensure the financial status of a company is in good standing and meets the requirements of the law.


Skills and Qualifications 

To perform efficiently and effectively, a candidate for the controller position must possess several skills, including working collaboratively and multitasking.


The following are some of these skills:


  • Ability to effectively communicate the financial situation of the company with employees and management 
  • Confident and knowledgeable to provide specific examples to support the recommendations they give.
  • Give attention to every detail related to the company finances to plan effectively and implement the best finance standards policies. 
  • Have good knowledge of math to calculate and estimate accurately. 
  • Have international finance knowledge.
  • Know how to organize and manage projects.

Education and Training Requirements

Controller candidates with degrees in finance fields are eligible.

Applicants for this position should have a bachelor’s degree in business administration, finance or accounting, or economics.


However, top positions appeal most to controllers with a master’s degree or MBA in a related field.

Experience Requirements

The average financial controller has at least some experience in the financial sector.


Highly motivated candidates who seek a career as a controller have access to management training programs offered by companies.


Controllers must be excellent communicators, both verbally and in writing, to convey information between lower-rank staff and upper management personnel. 


Controllers must possess an ethical mindset to highlight fraud in financial documents and have a broad perspective to analyze financial data and records.

Controller Salary 

The average salary for a Controller is $87,065 per year.

Based on your level of experience, your level of education, and where you work, you may receive a different salary. 

Controller Job Boards

Employers looking for controllers can post jobs on Facebook, local news sites, and regional job boards. 

If you want to post your controller job for free, click here

Job Resume for Controller Job

Do you want help in writing a CV that will land you a position as a controller?  


As an example, here is a resume that might inspire you. 

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