C# interview questions

15 C# interview questions for Junior developers

C# interview questions – 15 most frequently asked questions

C# is one of the most famous programming languages over the world, it is used for engineering some programs, you will find it behind some products, software programs in your PC and it is raw, fun and only comes easy to those who love her!

C# interview questions

C# interview questions for junior developers

We tried to introduce C# interview questions because it is prevalent due to several reasons.

As a programming language, C# is considered to be easier to learn than others.

C# has a broader range of applications, including online applications and gaming applications.

Features like automated garbage collection, interfaces, etc.

In C#, you can create programs that perform better.

A larger audience is the target audience because collaboration with Microsoft gives C# apps a competitive edge since they can reach a broader audience.

Large and small companies alike utilize C# because it is so extensively used.

Hence, practice C# questions of both the primary and advanced levels to ace the interview!

Let’s take a look at 15 frequently asked questions about C#.

1.    What is C#?

This is language managed and oriented to an object.

C# compiles by .Net framework for generating Microsoft Intermediate Language.

2.    What is the definition of an object?

An object is a representation of a class that allows us to access its methods.

To construct an object, use the “New” keyword.

The information about the methods, variables, and behavior of a class that produces an object in memory will be stored in the object.

3.    C# interview questions: What is the maximum number of catch blocks that can be performed at once?

There is no way to run several catch blocks of the same kind at the same time!

Control is handed to the final block once the necessary catch code has been run.

Then the code that follows the final block is executed.

4.    Can you explain the distinctions between public, static, and Void?

Declared public variables and methods can be accessed from anywhere in the program.

Without generating an instance of the class, static declared variables or methods are globally available.

By default, static members are not globally available; however, this can be changed depending on the type of access modification applied.

The method’s address saves as the entry point, and the compiler utilizes this information to start execution before any objects are generating.

And Void is a type modifier that specifies that the method or variable returns null.

5.    Make a list of constructors.

A constructor is a member function of a class with the same name as its class.

When an object class is formed, the function constructor is automatically called.

While initializing the class, it creates the values of data members.

6.    What exactly are Jagged Arrays?

The term “jagged array” refers to an array with members of the type array.

The components can come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

An Array of Arrays is another name for jagged Array.

7.    What is the distinction between the ref and out parameters of C#?

A ref argument must be initialized before being provided to a method.

But an out parameter does not need to be initialized before being passed to a method.

8.    In C#, what is the purpose of the “using” statement?

The ‘using’ block is used to get a resource, process it.

And then dispose of it after the block’s execution is complete.

9.    In what way does serialization work in C#?

When we wish to send an object over the internet.

We must first transform it into a stream of bytes.

Serialization is the process of turning an item into a stream of bytes.

To be serializable, an object must implement the ISerialize Interface.

De-serialization is the process of generating an object from a stream of bytes in the opposite direction.

10. How can you tell the difference between constants and read-only in C#?

This Question is one crucial of the C# interview questions.

At compile time, constant variables are specified and initialized.

After then, the value cannot be altered.

Only when we wish to assign the value at runtime, do we utilize read-only.

11. Is it possible to utilize the “this” command within a static method?

We can’t use ‘This’ in a static method since static variables/methods are the only ones that can be used.

12. What is the difference between Custom Control and User Control?

Custom Controls are compiled code (Dll) controls that are easier to use and added to the toolbox.

Developers may add controls to their web forms by dragging and dropping them.

At the time of design, attributes can be used.

Custom controls may be added to many applications (If Shared Dlls).

So, if they’re private, we may copy the dll to the web application’s bin directory, add a reference, and utilize them.

User Controls are comparable to ASP include files in that they are simple to build.

It is not possible to drag and drop user controls into the toolbox. They’ve got their design and coding in place.

Ascx is the file extension for user controls.

13. C# interview questions: What is method overloading, and how does it work?

Method overloading is generating numerous methods in the same class with the same name but different signatures.

The compiler utilizes overload resolution to decide which method should be invoked when we build.

14. In C#, what are sealed classes?

When we wish to prevent a class from being inherited, we construct sealed types.

To prohibit derivation from a class, use the sealed modifier.

A compile-time error arises if we aggressively provide a sealed class as a base class.

15. Are there differences between systems.String & System.Text.StringBuilder classes?

This question is the last of the C# interview questions.

System.String cannot be changed.

It is necessary to allocate fresh memory for the new value of the string variable when we alter its value.

As its name suggests, System.Text.StringBuilder was created with the idea of changeable strings, which may be changed without allocating new memory space for the updated string.

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