2021 Discount Coupons for Resume Templates

Discount Coupons for Resume Templates

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2021 Discount Coupons for Resume Templates!


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Your resume is the first step into getting hired, here are some key points you should consider when editing your resume:

  • Use organized, well written resume
  • Add your name, location and contacts to the resume
  • No need to mention Birthdates nor your social status in the resume
  • Only add the jobs you actually have done before and that are related to the job you are applying to, you might have a couple of CVs for different jobs if you are interested to pursue more than one career
  • Do not mention references unless they ask you to include it in the resume
  • If you have less than 6 years of working experience, it is highly recommended to keep your resume under 1 page
  • You must add links to your portfolio if you are a developer, designer or have a profession that relies on portfolio
  • Do not write skills you do not have or need long time to learn

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