How to create a resume with Canva

How To Create a Resume with Canva in 10 Easy Steps

Learn How To Create a Resume with Canva in 10 Easy Steps; check out this article to learn all this and more too.

How to create a resume with Canva?

Canva is a web-based visual design tool that promises 1000+ customizable resume templates to assist you in landing your ideal job.

Canva is an excellent graphic design program.

However, there are several disadvantages to utilizing Canva to generate your CV.

Using a Canva template, despite its appealing appearance, may end up hurting rather than helping your job hunt.

So, here are some things to think about and which will help you to know how to create a resume with Canva step by step:

1.     Begin with a blank new page

To begin, put (resume) word into the search field.

This will bring up a list of pre-made designs.

However, you want to look for the blank page in the middle.

You want Canva to bring up the document dimensions for a resume, which are 8.5 x 11 inches.

You will save time and effort by having this pre-formatted.

How to create a resume with Canva – Illustrated 1

2.     Change the Background

Every Canva template starts with a blank page with white color.

To change the color, go to the upper left-hand corner of your workspace and choose a Background color.

This will bring up a palette of colors for you to choose from.

How to create a resume with Canva – Illustrated2

You may also use the + sign to open the Color Picker.

This will offer you many more possibilities.

How to create a resume with Canva – Illustrated3

3.     How to create a resume with Canva: Select Your Element

Go to the Element’s menu to locate the shapes, lines.

Then graphics you may use to make your document more appealing.

Some components are free, while others cost money, similar to Canva’s pre-built templates.

Making a visually appealing design by emphasizing your resume with a basic form is always a safe choice.

Go to Elements > Graphics > Shapes to discover these shapes.

We’re going to utilize a shape in the header for this lesson.

How to create a resume with Canva – Illustrated4

This form, as you can see, is too large for the resume.

I’m going to resize it and relocate it.

If you wish to alter the color, go to the upper left-hand corner of your workspace and utilize the color picker.

How to create a resume with Canva – Illustrated5

Click the x in the search bar to quit the Shapes menu and return to Elements.

The screen will restore to the previous.

How to create a resume with Canva – Illustrated6

4.     Create a Header

How to create a resume with Canva and create a header in this step.

When you’ve finished with Elements.

Go on to the Text.

You’ll see that there are a few different ways to include textual material in your resume.

For many sorts of papers, Canva produces heading/subheading combinations.

You may also insert individual headings, subheadings, and body content.

I utilized a heading/subheading combination for this exercise.

But as you can see, it’s too massive for the header. It’s also in the incorrect location.

How to create a resume with Canva – Illustrated7

To correct this, choose one of the text box’s anchor points and drag it inwards.

Position your cursor above the text box, click and hold, and then drag the box to the desired location.

Pink lines may appear in various locations when you move the text field around.

These pink lines serve as guidelines for aligning your content with the page’s contours.

How to create a resume with Canva – Illustrated8

Click the Alignment button until the appropriate choice appears to modify your Text’s alignment from centered to left-justified.

To modify the wording to something else, click within the box and write whatever you wish.

How to create a resume with Canva – Illustrated9

5.     Alter the Font

Font Drop-Down Menu from Canva

So, this header works, but what if the font isn’t to your liking? To edit it, click on the Text you want to change without marking it.

Then, in the top left-hand corner, select a font from the drop-down option.

Choose a font style from the options provided.

Click the drop-down menu next to it to alter the font size:

How to create a resume with Canva – Illustrated10

Font Size in Canva Menu on the Drop-Down

To alter the size of your font, put the desired number into the selection box.

How to create a resume with Canva – Illustrated11

6.     How to create a resume with Canva: Add Your Professional Profile

Using Canva to Create a Professional Profile

For your CV, having a professional profile is critical.

Make it a one- to two-sentence summary of why you’re amazing and should be employed.

Click Add a subheading to add your own.

Rename the subheading like Professional Profile or anything else relevant to your field.

Then select the typeface you wish to use.

Draw attention to the text box by placing it on the page where it will be noticeable.

Then, under Add a little bit of body text.

Choose to put a little bit of body text.

You’ll be sent to a new text box where you can complete your profile.

After that, place it beneath the subheading.

How to create a resume with Canva – Illustrated12

7.     Insert a Divider

Using a Divider Line in Canva to Make a Resume

You could wish to include a visual element after your professional profile to distinguish it from the remainder of the resume.

To make one:

Go to Elements > Lines and choose the desired line.

It’s best to keep it basic and unobtrusive to distract from the top of the page.

As needed, reposition it and alter the size/color.

How to create a resume with Canva – Illustrated13

8.     Fill in the Blanks

You are filling up your Canva resume’s work history.

Following that, you’ll need to fill out the various parts of your CV.

Include your contact information, accomplishments, job background, and education.

To do so, go back to Step 6 and follow the identical procedures for generating text boxes:

Create a profile for yourself.

Copy the subheading and body information from the professional profile to maintain your formatting consistent across all sections.

Modify the Text inside the box once it has been copied.

How to create a resume with Canva – Illustrated14

9.     Incorporate Visual Appeal “Interest”

Let’s know here how to create a resume with Canva and Incorporate Visual Appeal “Interest.”

Using Canva to Make a Graphic for Your Resume.

What if you wanted to include an infographic to demonstrate your proficiency with specific applications or activities?

Using Lines is the quickest way to accomplish this.

To begin, go to Text> put a bit of body text.

In this example, type “Swimming” as the name of your talent. Then, on the page, place the text box.

Next, pick a basic line pattern from Shape > Lines.

That line should be placed next to your caption.

Resize it to show your degree of expertise.

Shorter lines suggest less competence, but longer lines imply “expert.” If necessary, change the hue.

Create a second line and caption beneath that one to list the second set of abilities.

Repeat this process until you’re through.

How to create a resume with Canva – Illustrated15

10.  Revise the Colors and Group the Elements

On your Canva resume, grouping elements.

After you’ve finished filling out your resume.

Go over it again to see if there’s anything you missed.

Have you forgotten to make a color change?

Click on the Element you wish to modify and adjust the color with your color picker.

You won’t have to guess if you’ve already used a custom color because Canva will keep a record of it in your palette.

The term “grouping” refers to reading distinct components on your website as a single entity.

This means that you can modify each thing separately in Canva.

Yet, you can group the components throughout your page.

If you want to change your design yet keep specific parts structured, this is a good option.

To group things, click and drag the bounding boxes of the components you wish to group until they turn blue.

Click Group in the top right-hand corner of your workspace once they’ve been selected.

That’s all there is to it!

How to create a resume with Canva – Illustrated16

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How to create a resume with Canva: Conclusion

We understand how tempting it is to use a Canva resume because it is free, quick, and straightforward.

But they may be hurting your job hunt more than helping it. Working with a professional resume writer who understands resume design is a superior option.

They’ll make sure your resume is structured correctly and passes application tracking systems.

Don’t you like the structure or appearance of your resume?

Make it up to professionals with the help of a professional resume writer. Or just download a ready one for free?

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