Job Description Template

How to write a Job Description?

How to Write a Job Description?

You can know about job positions by word of mouth and online job hunting groups. 

A job description can also help job hunters to know about job positions. They read the job description to understand the job role before applying for it.  

And job description templates make it easy to create an excellent description. 

Thus, you have gained an understanding of how the job description template is helpful.

What is a job description template?

The job description template outlines the tasks, responsibilities, skill sets, and qualifications required for the position.  

The job description should reflect the spirit of the company as well as describe the position clearly.

Details with clarity are vital in a job description. Both should balance each other. 

Job description templates typically include these categories: 

  • Job position title
  • Job description
  • Goals of the Company
  • Duties and Responsibilities
  • Requirements
    • Skills and qualifications
    • Training Requirements
    • Education and Experience Requirements
    • Salary and Benefits


Job description template

The following is a sample template:

Job: (Job Title)

Job description: 

What will a candidate do in a job? What will be his role? 

You will answer these types of questions in a job title description.  

Goals of the Company

(Hiring Company) is dedicated to providing

to [target market].

Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties and responsibilities of (Job Title) include:

  • Responsibility No. 1
  • Responsibility No. 2
  • Responsibility No. 3
  • Responsibility No. 4
  • Responsibility No. 5
  • Responsibility No. 6
  • Responsibility No. 7
  • Responsibility No. 8
  • Responsibility No. 9
  • Responsibility No. 10
  • And so on — depends on job responsibilities. 


[Job Title] should have the following skills and qualifications, training requirements, education and experience requirements, and personality:

  • Skills and qualifications
    • Skills No. 1
    • Skills No. 2
    • Skills No. 3
    • Skills No. 4
    • Skills No. 5
    • Skills No. 6 
    • And so on.
  • Training Requirements
    • Requirement No. 1
    • Requirement No. 2
    • Requirement No. 3
  • Education and experience requirements
    • Requirement No. 1
    • Requirement No. 2
    • Requirement No. 3
  • Personality qualities
    • Quality No. 1
    • Quality No. 2
    • Quality No. 3

Salary and Benefits:

In exchange for a job with (Hiring Company), the employees will receive:

  • Salary: [salary range]
  • Benefits
    • Health benefits
    • Pension benefits
    • Insurance benefits
    • Advantages of other services

The best way to create a job description template

Job description templates can simplify the process of creating excellent job descriptions.

The steps below will guide you in creating a job description:

  1. Create the job title
  2. Write a job description
  3. Give an overview of the company’s mission
  4. Describe the duties and responsibilities
  5. List all the requirements — skills and qualifications, experience required, and education required.
  6. Provide information about salaries and benefits.

Create the simple job title

Use simple language in a job title that is clear and concise.

The job description should include traditional titles.

Write the job description

The job description must provide details about the daily activities of the position.

Describe what role the position plays in achieving the company’s mission.

Give an overview of the company’s mission


Provide a brief description of the company’s values and goals.

Describe the motivation behind the candidate’s ambition to join the company. 

Describe the duties and responsibilities

Create bullet points that summarize the job duties and responsibilities. 

Your bulleted list should contain more than five duties and responsibilities.

List all the requirements

Describe the candidate’s requirements, such as educational background, work experience, abilities, and skills. 

This list should include bullet points detailing the requirements.

Provide information about salaries and benefits


Write the salary range of the job positions and the benefits companies offer to their employees.


Job Description Example

A job description based on the template above would look like this:

Job: Sales Associate

Job description: 


Sales associates work in stores and retail. They are also known as retail salespeople and floor associates.  


They provide customer service during the shopping — greet customers, assist them, find products for customers, tell them about the products, and process customer purchases.

Sales Associate Duties and Responsibilities 

List of Sales Associates’ responsibilities and duties:   

  • Provide product recommendations to customers.
  • Help them in choosing products. 
  • Engage customers, offer suggestions and share information about products to increase sales.
  • Receives customers with warmth and welcomes them to the store. 
  • Provides customers with helpful responses and professionally answers their questions. 
  • Leads customers to shelves and counters by accompanying them.
  • Establishes or updates customer data to document sales.
  • Responsible for handling financial transactions.
  • Calculate purchases and receive cash, checks, debit cards, and credit cards.
  • Identifies and informs management about possible security risks.
  • Receives and stores goods.
  • Informs customers about sales and upcoming products they might find interesting.
  • Look for customers actively in the shop.

Skills and Qualifications


  • An extensive background in retail sales, sales representatives, and other roles related to the sales associate. 
  • Knowledge of selling policies and how to provide customer service is necessary. 
  • The ability to speak English fluently.
  • A basic understanding of math.
  • Knowing the nature of the market and the needs of customers.
  • Having achieved sales quotas more than once.
  • Working knowledge of POS transactions.
  • A good understanding of inventory systems.
  • Ability to communicate and work collaboratively with others.
  • An enthusiastic personality with a dedication to customer service.
  • The capability to respond quickly to complaints and work well under pressure.
  • A candidate who has an undergraduate degree in marketing or a related discipline would be preferable.

Education and Training Requirements for Sales Associates

Sales associate jobs require a high school certificate; however, some require a bachelor’s degree. 

Candidates who have no experience will be provided with training on the job. 

Sales knowledge, time management, a professional approach to customers are the requirements one must get after training in the store.

Sales Associate experience requirements 

Sales associates should be experienced enough to communicate effectively with customers, have the stamina to stand for a long time, and provide customers with valuable responses. 

They should know how to operate a point of sale system and account balance systems.

Sales Associate Salary and Benefits

Sales associates earn $33,000 annually (average of $11 per hour). 

Sales associates working in the health centers and finance industries earn handsome salaries. 

Benefits of working as a sales associate:

  • Retail duties are flexible
  • Discounts for Employees
  • Commissions

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