Media Buyer job description

Media Buyer Job Description

Know the Media Buyer Job Description so you can plan to attract the best media buyer candidates to your organization.

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The Media Buyers is responsible for creating the media plan and buying process, including negotiating rates, terms, schedules, and other criteria with the various marketing communications (advertising) media.

They work closely with sales and product management teams to deliver integrated solutions that effectively promote products or services to a targeted audience. 

They also create a budget forecast based on sales objectives from market research data to develop an optimal media strategy.


Furthermore, they make recommendations regarding campaign selections, copy development, design elements of advertisements, and other marketing communication materials.


And handle new account coordination as well as existing client relationships if they have sufficient experience. 


Your job description will seem more impressive if you write a persuasive introduction. 

There should be an appealing first paragraph that makes readers want to continue reading.

Below, you will find an introduction to a media buyer job description:

Our company is looking for a creative and ambitious self-starter with a journalism background and interest in social networking and mobile technologies. He should buy advertising space on our behalf efficiently and create and manage digital media campaigns for clients. 

Duties and Responsibilities

Following are the duties of media buyers:

  • Work with Digital Sales Director to research and buy digital media in conjunction with an editorial calendar, sales goals, and availability of ad units. 
  • Create new opportunities by identifying and pursuing emerging digital advertising channels in the marketplace.
  • Create ads that are visually appealing and print-worthy for local events and shows. 
  • Work alongside event marketing specialists to create well-written copy for various advertising mediums (i.e., posters).
  • Develop and maintain positive relationships with local businesses by ensuring all clients are getting the most out of their marketing budget.
  • Develop and implement an advertising audit program to ensure adherence to established standards, policies, procedures, and controls.
  • Participates in meetings with sales, product development, and marketing teams in evaluating ideas for media strategies.
  • Proposes corrective action when any deviations from agency or client policy occur.
  • Demonstrate creative ideas while proposing innovative ways of solving problems within company guidelines. 
  • Delivers presentations to the internal supervisor to improve performance or increased revenue generation.

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Skills and Qualifications

Media buyers need to have good skills in communication and creative thinking.

They must be able to recognize new trends in the advertisement industry.

And also know about different technologies that are using in advertisements. 

Marketing knowledge is an added advantage while working as a media buyer.

Following are some skills every media buyer must possess:

  • Able to use tools like Cision, Google Analytics, Nielsen. These are the tools of media analytics.
  • Know how to advertise in mediums like print, social media, television, and radio.
  • Have exceptional knowledge of finance and the ability to handle large budgets.
  • Collaborate with others and working cooperatively.
  • Have the ability to organize and manage projects effectively.
  • They must possess enthusiastic about meeting new strategies to help customers succeed.
  • Manage social media and customer service for an organization and perform market analysis. 
  • Strives to exceed expectations and is constantly seeking new ways to improve upon the company’s current strategies.
  • Have the ability to engage in extracurricular activities relevant to the role. 
  • Able to build professional networks and give an edge when applying for jobs. (i.e., campus clubs, volunteering at events).

Education and Experience

Have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, or sales with at least two years of previous work experience. 

Any relevant certification or coursework in event management or advertising/marketing is a strong plus. (i.e., Microsoft Excel certification, Google AdWords/Google Analytics Certification).

Experience in event planning or advertising via work/volunteering experience, unpaid internships, or summer jobs; ideally gained while in higher education.

Working Conditions

Media buyers work from various offices or at home, depending on where they are employed.

Media buying companies usually offer flexible working hours, depending upon the requirements of their clients. 

They will need to stay in touch with various media channels to keep them updated about the latest trends and technologies used in the advertisement industry.

Media Buyer Job Board

Employers advertise media buyers’ jobs online on job boards, Facebook, or websites. 

Post a media buyer job for free by clicking here.

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