office manager job requirements

Office Manager Job Description

Want to know the responsibilities, skills, qualifications, and experience required for the office manager job? Continue reading. 

This office manager job description will help you in several ways:

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  • Making some authentic questions to test applicants during an interview.

The responsibility of office managers is to run the office and administration efficiently and effectively. 

They list meetings, manage appointments, control and order supplies, assist employees, greet visitors and oversee the daily office operations.


Furthermore, they develop communication etiquettes in the organization, improve office productivity, direct office employees, and assign tasks. 


As well, they communicate with the upper management of the organization. Inform them when changing any policy or promoting employee performance.

Office Manager Responsibilities and Duties

  • Manage meetings and appointments. 
  • Collaborate with Human Resources Management to create and sustain office policies when required. 
  • Plan, implement, and maintain office operations.  
  • Manage all office equipment in consultation with the Information Technology (IT) department.
  • Ensure all invoices and payments are made on time to contractors, suppliers, and owners.  
  • Negotiate with organization owners, partners, and contractors about contracts and rates.
  • Greet and assist visitors.
  • Responds to customers’ queries by telephone and email and directs them to the appropriate staff member.
  • Use PowerPoint to make presentations.
  • Plan the schedules and calendars of executives.
  • Organize the operations and procedures of the company services.
  • Check the correspondence, design documents, review and approve ordered supplies, and check employment assignments.
  • Implement strategies for purchases, layouts, and management to boost and secure office efficiency. 
  • Administrate the process of office work by establishing standards and rules.
  • Observe the performance of the staff assistance and designate tasks for them.
  • Review and examine the projects and report to executives.  
  • Provide management with trend analysis and an action plan on them.
  • Help in choosing new employees and provides training and guidance to these newcomers. 
  • Coaching and guiding staff members so that they perform at their best.
  • Attend training sessions and seminars, studying trade magazines, and collaborating with professionals to remain knowledgeable and top in the profession.  
  • Ensure that financial objectives meet the available budget by estimating expenditures. 
  • Take part in planning and equipping company events. 
  • Ensure the efficient performance of tasks by allocating resources.
  • Manage and appraise staff performance.
  • Manage documents effectively and efficiently. 
  • Ensure that data is secure, accurate, and confidential.
  • Deal with customer queries and complaints.
  • Keep the workplace sound and safe.

Office Manager Skills and Qualifications


office manager job requirements

Good writing skills:

An office manager should have good writing skills. They assign tasks, make reports, and write instructions. And for these duties, exceptional writing is necessary. 

Verbal communication:

Office Managers deal with vendors and contractors. To accomplish the deals, they must be able to communicate effectively. 


They organize and manage multiple tasks efficiently so that more work gets done. 

The ability to be flexible:

Office managers should be able to adjust to the company’s conditions when they change.  

Possess excellent interpersonal skills:

To work effectively with all employees, office managers need to build good relationships with everyone.

Leadership Qualities:

An office manager should possess the leadership qualities to manage situations and supervise workers. 

An eye for detail:

The office manager should keep an eye on progress in an organization to ensure that everything runs smoothly. 


Office Manager Education and Training Requirements

Applicants should have GED or high school diploma at least.


Nonetheless, some companies prefer to hire managers with a business degree.  


Those who have got the certificate of office management from the National Office Managers Association of America are ideal for the job.

Office Manager Experience Requirements

Getting familiar with an office environment and gaining experience as an office assistant is imperative for Office Managers as they are responsible for running the office.

Many aspirants start as receptionists or administrative assistants before advancing to a prominent role like an office manager.

They must have experience in administration and office management as an assistant.

As well, having experience of using MS Office.


As an office manager, it is imperative to possess a variety of personal characteristics. Among them are the following:

  • Being tactful
  • Self-controlled and disciplined 
  • An enthusiastic mindset
  • An adaptable person
  • Positive thinker 
  • Being sincere 

It would be easier to motivate your subordinates and achieve goals without conflict if you had these qualities. 

Salary and Benefits

The average annual salary for an Office Manager is $52,741.

Pay rates are dependent on several factors such as experience, education, qualification, and geographical location.  

Office Manager Job Boards

Employers advertise for Office Managers in local newspapers, Facebook, and regional job boards. 

To post your Office Manager job, click here

Office Manager Job Resume

Do you need help drafting a resume that will land you a job as an Office Manager? As an example, here is an Office Manager job resume that might inspire you. 

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