Office Receptionist Job Description

Office Receptionist Job Description

Office Receptionist Job Description..

Are you searching to write a receptionist job application that will attract qualified candidates?

Creating a job application with the help of this description will prove helpful. 

This job description template includes everything you need. 

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Office Receptionist Job Description

In any company, the reception desk plays an important role. A receptionist greets visitors, provides information, and controls traffic flow.

Although this may seem like a simple task, it requires patience and attention to detail. An essential aspect of the job is interacting with all sorts of people daily.

An outstanding receptionist is also a master of office etiquette and knows the appropriate times to be humorous, take phone calls, and be sure to watch the door. 

They are essentially gatekeepers for the rest of the business. But they need to possess all qualities that human resources looks for in a company employee: efficiency, creativity, enthusiasm, intelligence, and ability to complete tasks on time with excellence.


If you want to write an outstanding description, you should begin with an enticing and persuasive introduction.

Below is an example of what an office receptionist job description should include: 

We are looking for an office receptionist responsible for providing high-quality service and support at the front desk. And should be able to play an indispensable role in managing the daily operations and functions of the office or business establishment. Coordinates with specialized departments such as sales, marketing, customer care, purchasing, and finance departments to ensure a smooth communication process between both parties. Responsible for making sure that all company events and seminars run smoothly.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Create and maintain a pleasant and hassle-free front office environment for customers, visitors, and colleagues.
  • Greet clients/customers promptly upon arrival in person or by telephone. Answer questions on location, provide directions when needed.
  • Provide information to customers such as best routes to travel, upcoming sales/promotions/offers, etc., via the company’s database system or any other means necessary. 
  • Keep up to date on the daily workload at the branch of business to respond quickly with accurate information. 
  • Inform management group regarding customer feedback that might help improve the products and services offered by the establishment.
  • Control admission to the office or business establishment by greeting all visitors, checking identification, and request any packages/documents that may need to be signed for, etc.
  • Ensure safekeeping of important documents and valuables left at the reception desk.
  • Keep track of daily transactions, including cash received, payments made, and deposits sent, as directed by the manager or supervisor.
  • Process incoming mail, distribute it to appropriate departments on time while keeping up on internal mail such as inter-department memos, faxes from management groups, or special requests from other employees in the company.
  • File documents, update databases with relevant information relating to correspondence sent and received.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Patience
  • Being able to talk to people
  • Knowing how to work with a computer, can operate software
  • Being able to manage your time well
  • Good communication skills (English)
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Provide customer service to clients and other office staff
  • Answer phones, take messages and make appointments
  • Arrange meetings with outside parties
  • Manage incoming faxes, mail, and e-mail
  • Make travel arrangements for staff and executives
  • Order office supplies and equipment
  • Maintain a filing system for documents throughout the office
  • Organize and maintain records from internal and external sources
  • Develop contacts for securing information or promoting the company
  • Draft, proofread and edit correspondence for distribution
  • Must hold an Associate’s Degree (or similar), a minimum of two years experience in customer service is preferred.


In the United States, the average annual pay for an office receptionist is $29,922 year —  approximately $14.39 an hour.

Office Receptionist Job Boards

Facebook, regional job boards, web, and local news sites are places where employers advertise online jobs for office receptionists. 

Click here to post your office receptionist job for free. 

Job Resume for Office Receptionist Job 

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