Social Media Moderator Job Description

Social Media Moderator Job Description

Social Media Moderator Job Description

Do you plan to submit a social media moderator interview application to attract top candidates?

Creating such a type of application will be more efficient when getting help from this job description.

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Social media moderators post on social media platforms and review the uploaded posts to know whether to reply to comment on them or not. As well, they edit the post when needed.

And they view all accounts on each platform to check new updates, communicate with the audience, investigate customers’ problems, and give responses to their queries.

They focus on their customers’ posts rather than checking everything other team members upload or post on social media. 

Moreover, they apply rules to the content and change them when required.


An appealing and persuasive introduction is the key to creating a captivating job description.

An introduction to a social media moderator job description appears below: 

Our company is looking for a social media moderator who can write posts and upload them, manage and oversee uploaded posts, and respond to clients at the earliest time. The applicant must be hardworking and passionate about social media and contents moderation over multiple platforms. He should have good communication skills and good knowledge of the necessary tools and software.  

Duties and Responsibilities of Social Media Moderator

Follow are the responsibilities of social media moderators:

  • Plan and implement an effective social media strategy for the brands and manage all the accounts and channels of the company. 
  • Engage the community and audience and manage and answer queries on all social networks.
  • Provide best moderation services and community management to a brand or company on social media.
  • Know how to work with other teams to post content related to the brand’s social media marketing. 
  • Maximize audience engagement and reach by expanding the scope and visibility of our content.
  • Utilize best practice techniques to ensure the optimal flow of traffic to our content and products.
  • Report, evaluate, and produce information about efforts and results of marketing.
  • Add images, videos, and text to social media platforms when necessary. 
  • Edit content and posts according to the strategy of the company or brand.
  • Answer questions and communicate with customers. 
  • Analyze data to understand and predict social media marketing programs.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Moderators need a good understanding of the political and social issues that run through these platforms. The issues can influence your moderation and the content or market you are supposed to manage.
  • Moderators respond to clients’ questions and communicate with them. For this reason, they need to be good at communication skills, and particularly in written communication. 
  • Social media moderators need to interact with the audience, so they need to possess interpersonal skills.
  • They should have empathy. Able to understand the needs and feelings of the audience. 
  • Have the ability to make reasonable decisions. 
  • Know how to use social media for promotion.
  • Have the ability to write compelling content and provide it on the right platforms.
  • Capable of writing brilliant copies and engaging content.
  • Have the ability to persuade clients to buy your products or services. 
  • Have a good command of organization and management.
  • Know how to resolve issues quickly and effectively. 

Education and Experience Required

For social media moderation, the applicants must have some college education.

And they must have some previous experience of online monitoring and handling various social media platforms.

Training Required

Most companies prefer applicants who have taken some training in customer service or marketing or have worked under the supervision of a social media manager.  


  • People-oriented

 Social media moderators need to be people-oriented. They should communicate audience in a friendly way. 

  • Versatility 

Social media moderators must possess versatility: they should be able to do multitask on various social media platforms. 

  • Geek

A social media moderator should have enthusiasm for computers and social media.  


In the United States, Social Media Moderators earn an average salary of $41,307 per year.

Social Media Moderator Job Boards

Employers advertise online jobs for social media moderators on Facebook, websites, or sometimes regional job boards. 

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Resume for Social Media Moderator Job 

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