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Top 10 Resumes Templates for 2019

Top 10 Resumes Templates for 2019

Designing resume is a very difficult task for anyone, the best designed resume will get success easily, may be for a designer, engineer or an professional the resume plays important role in success of career. We have collected some best resumes for the year 2019. Download them and get started you new year with a new exciting job.

1) Professional Resume for Web Design – by Vitaliy Kolomiets

Check this wonderful resume designed specially for designers and creative people, available in PSD (Photoshop) version. Click Here to Download

Top 10 Resumes Templates for 2019


2) Free Resume Template for Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop – by Mats-Peter Forss

Download this beautifully designed resume for any profession, resume is designed in black and white format colors. This resume is available in Word, Photoshop and Illustrator formats. Click here to Download

Top 10 Resumes Templates for 2019


3) Artist and Painter Resume Template

An artist or a creative designer needs stunning designer resume for their career, this resume fits well for artists and painters, Download this resume now

Artist and Painter Resume Template


4) Free Microsoft Word Resume – by CodePower Resume

If you are looking for clean and simple resume template, and when you are only comfortable in editing in Word, then this resume is for you, download this beautiful and clean resume in Microsoft Word. Click here to download



5) Free Simple & Clean Resume – by Hans-Jørgen Løken

How about this simple resume for 2019, a well designed and structured will surely get succeed for your career, download this resume for absolutely FREE, in word and comes with all necessary icons, instructions, click here to download



6) Colorful Designer Resume

Download this color splash background resume template, suits best for designers and creative professionals. This resume is available in Photoshop (PSD) Microsoft Word (docx) formats, A4 and US Letter Sizes, and comes with beautifully designed cover letter and business card. Download Now


7) Free Resume with Business Card – by Alamin Mir

Download this beautiful resume template with business card as free, this resume best suits for designers, because it includes portfolio to show your recent works of projects. Click here to download


8) Experienced Graphic Designer Resume

This resume is nr 8 from  our Top 10 Resumes Templates for 2019, specially designed for girls, a floral design in background and a beautiful fonts to match the resume, all set for your next job change! Download Now



9) Clean and Neat Free Resume Template – by Ahsanjaya Corp

Download this simple and minimalist resume template for free Click Here



10) Resume for 2018-2019 – by Pranjali Pachpute

Download this beautiful simple and professional resume template for 2019. Click here to download


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